:Custom Guitars
Welcome to my site.

 I have been away from building for a while. I have recently moved. I bought a new place
and I had to build a shop, for the most part.

 It is the first of May, 2014 as I update this. I HOPE to start building guitars again in the
next few days. Before I had to stop building,
I had started building some Jerry Garcia
TB500 guitars that have already been ordered.
Once I do get started, I will HAVE to fini
sh at least 2 of these before I can go onto other projects.

Look at my site and see what I've done in the past.

Check out the YouTube video of the Veleno tribute guitar I made......
Click Here.

The photos on these pages are of guitars and parts that I have made in the past few years.

Bailey Custom Guitars are built from alternative materials....
Read more about alternative materials on the "About Bailey Custom" page.

I have a "My Space" page and a Facebook page. Check
them out at:

Bailey Custom Facebook Page
Thanks for the help Callie and Cyndi